Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ridgid 14in Bandsaw Restoration & Upgrade Part 4

Urethane Bandsaw Tires
Nothing too exciting here. Just had to soak them in hot water as the mfg suggested so I could stretch them over the wheels.

Motor Rehab
I got the key stock and pulley from Grainger today. The shaft of the motor was just a smidge too large for the bore of the pulley so I tensioned some sandpaper around the shaft with the motor running and that made a perfect fit.
As I turned the motor shaft by hand, I could hear light metal on metal contact so I decided to take the motor apart to investigate. As I was taking it apart I think I may have broken the plastic centrifugal switch contact plate... Oops! I then tried to track down a replacement switch, even calling an electric motor repair shop. The shop said, they stopped making parts for this motor, but I could buy another used and discontinued one for only $470! Sorry, but no. I ended up epoxying a large washer to the remaining piece of the contact plate (Washer cost=$0.40). I had to buy a gear puller to get the bearing off the shaft. This puts a little bit more pressure on the contact switches, but I think it should be fine. I can hear the switch return back to the start position after the motor shuts off. Unfortunately the metal on metal sound is still there... Oh well. I'll take some more pics when I get the motor mounted.