Monday, October 03, 2011

I'm Re-instated!

Thanks, but no thanks to CA Governer Jerry Brown for reaching a compromise with which finally allows me to get back into the CA affiliate program. Now you all can rest assured that I will get my money when you click on one of my links to Amazon, which so far has generated a whooping $35 dollars. Anyways, I originally thought that Jerry Brown was shooting himself in the foot since his law was aimed at getting tax money from Amazon by redefining the Supreme court's definition of a 'business nexus' to include affliates. This caused Amazon, to sever ties with CA affiliates (which were generating CA income tax revenue) in order to avoid having to charge sales tax. Amazon, then started a referendum to overturn the law, which they later shutdown in exchange for a delay in implementing the new tax (or a National Sales Tax, which ever comes first), plus a promise to open some distribution centers in CA which will bring a couple thousand jobs.

I fear this puts a precendent on state governments to impose what are essentially illegal laws for taxation, because in the end they will get what they want. Although I'm glad to get my affiliate status back, I feel a little dissappointed that Amazon gave in so quickly.