Thursday, November 10, 2005

Senseless "Copying resources to the output folder"

Dear Eclipse, why do you feel the need to keep copying resources to the output folder when I can't possibly see why you would need to?

Today I decided to try remote debugging on Eclipse. For those of you who don't know, remote debugging is where you start a process and then later, after its already running, use your IDE/debugger to connect to it and control the process/introspect whats going on in the program. Now Eclipse, if you've already got the darn thing running, why compile everything? I mean, you already got the source code in hand just let me start debugging. Even worse, I started you up hours ago and you've squandered all that idle cpu time and are now wasting my time doing something you should have been doing all along. If this program is written in a way that causes it do defensively compile everything all the time, doesn't it make sense to try and keep itself in a precompiled state?

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