Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Global Warming Myth
Like many of you, I watched Al Gore's presentation An Inconvienent Truth and felt the impending doom that man made greenhouse gases have brought us to. I was all ready to buy a Prius and install some solar panels until I discovered some other documentaries that takes a rigorous look at the evidence used to connect global warming to man made CO2.
Now I don't deny that global warming is happening, I'm saying that man didn't cause global warming. The proponents of man made global warming have egregiously twisted their evidence and cherry-picked their data to lead you to their desired conclusion.

Unfortunately, convincing skeptics is almost impossible in a single blog entry, but I promise if you watch this video in its entirety you will be thoroughly convinced that global warming is a fraud.
You can also download the slides for this video which also contains the links to the source of this data for you own verification. Some of the claims that are made in the beginning of this seem dubious (like banning CFC's caused thousands of Europeans to die in a heatwave b/c they couldn't afford the more expensive AC units), but I urge you to get past these initial claims since they do not contribute to the heart of the argument. The video answered all the questions that I could have had, but if you still have some please leave a comment and perhaps I or somebody else will be able to answer it.


Mar said...

Erm, having been unable to watch the video, I d/l the ENORMOUS powerpoint, and read through it. A few things kinda bothered me:

(1) Wasn't this created by SEPP? Don't they have some serious credibility issues with the way they do research? (

(2) The powerpoint is very flashy, and it's very pretty, but I don't see it refer to any actual peer-reviewed papers where I can read the data points of what control tests they've actually done. They postulate some GREAT theories which sound like they'd be awesome to explore. But they're still theories, and not tests that've been done in any lab.

At any rate, I've got a friend who's been collecting atmospheric data in the antarctic. I've been trying to break holes in his research...if you can find me an actual peer-reviewed paper that I could attack him with, that'd be awesome. Until then, I think I'm still gonna believe in the global warming "myth."

Oh, and just so I don't sound like a COMPLETE ass, you're absolutely right about points 2-4 you made on me blog. But that doesn't prove that global warming and conservation is bulls**t.

Anonymous said...

The point of my argument wasn't really to provide other causes of global warming, but to point holes in the research assembled so far.

Here's a clip from 20/20 highlighting many of the points of the other side of the debate.