Friday, April 29, 2011

Ridgid 14in Bandsaw Restoration & Upgrade Part 3

Motor Update
Got my motor today. I found the seller on Craigslist, but since he lives on the opposite side of town (about an hour away). Luckily, my coworker lives near him so had him pick it up for me and then bring it to work the next day.

At 1.5HP this should double the 3/4 horses of the stock motor. It can be wired for 115/230. Does anyone know if wiring it for 230 makes it run any better?

I tried to reuse the pulley (sheave) and key from the old motor but I think Ridgid used some kind of non-nema standard motor which doesn't fit. I had to order key stock and a new pulley from Grainger. I'll update my cost list in part 1.

Balancing the Wheels

The top wheel seems moderately unbalanced. There are drill marks on the side that is now too light. I'm not sure if they went too far or if they were just lightening the wrong side of the wheel.

I first tried to balance the wheels using coins and Gorilla tape... probably not a good long term solution. I also didn't like the idea of epoxying coins on the wheel either. Instead, I found these peel and stick automotive wheel weights. You can cut the amount you want with a pair of tin snips. I used my kitchen scale to weigh the coins used previously and simply cut enough lead to equal that weight.

I ended up needing a sliver more of weight. The double-sided tape seemed plenty strong for this. This is only the top wheel. I managed to remove the bottom wheel after finding out that the bolt holding it on was a counter-clockwise thread. The bottom axle doesn't spin as freely as the top so I can't tell if the bottom wheel is out of balance. If anyone knows how to remove the bottom axle so I can inspect/replace the bearings, that would definitely help.
I guess I should have put on the urethane tires before trying to balance these. I'll just have to check the balance again once I replace them.

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