Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Funny Stuff My Daughter Said

Premise: My daughter had been routinely complaining about a tummy ache after dinner.

Daughter: I ate too much so I have a tummy-egg!
Father: Did you say "tummy-EGG"?
Daughter: Yeah, you see my tummy is sticking out like an egg!
Father: When your tummy hurts its called a "tummy-ACHE" not a "tummy-EGG".
Daughter: Oooooh....

Premise: We're eating at a japanese ramen shop and I'm taking moyashi [bean sprouts] out of my bowl and putting them into my wife's bowl which my daughter is also eating from.

Daughter: Don't give me any more moyashi. I want to be skinny!
Father: Well, technically eating more moyashi will help you to become skinnier.
Daughter: Then, daddy shouldn't YOU be eating more moyashi!
Father:.... errrr, good point.

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