Saturday, November 04, 2006

Geico Caveman Commerical
For some reason I really like the music in the latest Geico caveman commerical where the caveman is at the airport. Play the video below to see what I mean (Click on the play button on the bottom left to avoid leaving my site).

I found out that the song is "Remind Me" by Royksopp. Unfortunately, when I went to their site, their version of the song sounds very different (although the music video is pretty cool). See video below:

Luckily, I found what's been called the "Geico version", but this time the video is made by some guy on youtube, so you can ignore that.
Here it is:

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Mar said...

Röyksopp is the f***ing bomb!!! What you've got in the music video is actually a remix of the original song. (Someone Else's Radio Remix) The original song is on an album called Melody A.M. The singer is Erlend Øye. If you like the music in Melody A.M., you should also check out Kings of Convenience (the band Erlend Øye now sings for).