Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hacking Democracy

If you believe in Democracy, you should see the documentary, Hacking Democracy (the clips are at the bottom). If you think I'm just some sort of conspiracy theorist, tell me how did Al Gore get -16,022 votes at a precinct in Florida? Yes... that's a minus sign. He got negative votes!!!
Even if the candidate that you voted for won, do you think its fair for your vote to NOT be counted? Do the ends justify the means?
I'm not saying that any party or candidate has rigged any election. I'm saying that if you can't trust the very foundation on which every democracy is based on, the counting of votes, then can you really be sure that you are in a democracy? Look at the picture below from the Washington Post (you can click on it for the full sized version). Even our slot machines are more secure than our voting machines!

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