Friday, September 29, 2006

Photo Gallery
I've setup my photo gallery. Actually, I've transferred the old gallery from my slow P3 450Mhz server to a 1.4 Ghz Athlon box. The upgrade was necessary since my friends kept complaining about how slow it was. The software that I'm using to host the gallery is creatively called Gallery. I'm very impressed with how well this software works. The gallery requires several other pieces of software which you have to configure individually, but Gallery (with a capitol 'G') is the glue that connects all those pieces together. Sure, its nearly impossible to get all the pieces of software, make sure you get the right version of each one, configure each one so that its compatible with Gallery, but hey, look at the results! Gallery has all sorts of help and screens and even TESTS to make sure you have all the pieces configured correctly. For something that seems so complicated, I'm really impressed by how much attention to detail is given to making the whole process easier. Plus, when you factor in the price... Free!... you can see how impressive this really is.

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