Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photo Gallery Back up... Again!
Looks like it was an issue with the powersupply. Luckily it wasn't the disk containing the photo gallery and everything was the way I left it once I got a replacement PSU installed. The one that failed was from an Antec Sonata computer case. I've read several negative reviews of Antec's NeoPower power supply which I believe is the same as the one they put in my case. The case plus power supply was less than a Ben Franklin. Comparatively, my new standalone PSU was $75 so I'm guessing that Antec went on the cheap side with their included PSU. My new PSU is the ENERMAX Liberty ELT400AWT ATX12V 400W Power Supply. Its nice that it has modular cable management system, meaning that you don't have to find a place to put those 500 unused cables coming out of the box. Now my case looks much cleaner and the computer appears to be rock steady stable. Now I just need to find a good UPS for everything since the battery has gone out on me.

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